16 / 05 / 2018

El Rastro de Madrid, the largest flea market in the capital.

El Rastro is a Madrid event that is repeated every week since 1740. As authentic as the cathedral of La Almudena or as the Teatro Real, it is part of the concept and the local reality of Madrid.

When to go to El Rastro?

Every Sunday morning hundreds of people meet in the neighborhoods of La Latina and Lavapiés. There they share what, in its day, was just a street market and nowadays it has become a must for locals and tourists. The stands with all kinds of merchandise, from antique and second-hand items to leather goods, as well as handmade jewelry and the most varied pieces of furniture, live together with locals and tourists.


Where is it located?

To get to this flea market you must go to La Latina and Lavapiés, taking the metro to La Latina (line 5), Lavapiés (line 3) or Puerta de Toledo (line 5) stations.


Why visit El Rastro?

Within the chaos that may seem in El Rastro, there is an organization. In the area closest to “la Plaza de la Cebada”, we will find handicrafts, close to the cutlery and tools vendors. Antiques and used books share an area a little further. And, between these and the artisans, second-hand objects and furniture are arranged.

In addition, surrounding all this large block of street stands and local life, have been locating businesses related to the theme of this event. For example, second-hand furniture stores, from classics to art deco. Without forgetting a bar route, more than recommendable and always crowded.

In fact, our recommendation is visiting El Rastro to feel Madrid. Get up to go for a walk in a neighborhood that catches you with voices and sensations. Enjoy all this experience and accompany it with some whim, in the form of memories and local gastronomic experience.