Booking conditions

Carefully read the following Reservation Conditions and Terms of Service (“Terms”), as they contain important information about your rights and obligations. By accessing and using the Leeways Platform, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms.

1.The parties.

These Terms constitute a legally binding contract between you (“Lessee”) and Leeways S.L. (“Leeways”); as defined below.

The Tenant undertakes to be of sufficient legal age to be able to contract (18 years of age or older) and must have sufficient legal capacity to perform the contract. In the cases in which the property will be occupied by more people, different from that, the Lessee commits to all of them respecting the terms described here, and, in any case, is responsible for the actions of possible minors to travel with him.


Leeways leases to the Renter the property, selected by the same through the website of the company (, to be destined to constitute temporary dwelling of the Renter during the period selected by the Renter, due to vacations / leisure / tourism of this.

The property will not have in any case the purpose of permanent housing of the Tenant, not being able to modify the aforementioned destination. Failure to comply with this rule will be grounds for rescission of the contract.


The duration of the contractual relationship between the Renter and Leeways will be that selected by the Renter through the Leeways website.

The duration will be between the date of entry of the tenant in the property and the date of departure.

The entry will be made from 15:00 and the departure will be made, as late, at 11:00 hours.

In any case, in the cases in which the entry, exit or both are made outside the hours previously established, these “Terms” will continue to be in force during the entire time that the Tenant is in the property.

4.Obligations of Leeways.

Leeways will offer the property in a state of immediate use and habitability.

Leeways will seek the repair, in the shortest possible time, of any possible breakdown or malfunction of the essential domestic equipment for the comfort of the Renter.

5.Obligations of the Tenant.

The Tenant, by accepting the Terms, undertakes to:

Carry out an appropriate use of the property and in accordance with the provisions of this contract, and must respond to possible incidents that derive from negligent use by you.

Keep the home and its accessories in perfect condition during the rental period stipulated by both parties.

Make convenient and reasonable use of the comfort means placed at your disposal (heating, air conditioning, …) and household appliances and furniture.

Notify Leeways, as soon as possible, in case of breakdown, damage or accident that may occur in the home during your stay, acting at all times with diligence and avoiding, as far as possible, the consequences of that fact.

Do not cause discomfort to neighbors.

Respect the internal regulations of the property, if the house is part of a community, residence or development.

Do not make any copies of the keys of the leased house.

Allow the realization of possible visits to the house for reasons of incidents with the neighborhood (noise, leaks, …) or by review of the facilities (electricity, water, internet, gas …). Leeways will try to bother them as little as possible.

Respond for all possible damages caused, by not having respected his obligations as tenant, provided that the bond is not sufficient to repair the damage.

6.Number of guests.

The property is rented by Leeways to the maximum number of people selected by the Renter through the website of the company.

The Renter undertakes not to exceed this number of persons without express authorization from Leeways.

Alternatively, only if the excess occupation is legal and Leeways is informed, Leeways may claim up to 50% more than the amount paid by the Renter to Leeways, for each occupant that exceeds the maximum limit of people previously indicated.

The breach will be cause for resolution and will also give rise to the indemnification of the excess, without prejudice to the other concepts with which Leeways should be compensated.

7.Income and form of payment.

The Renter will pay Leeways, for rent, and for the entire period, the amount accepted by the Renter through the offer published on the company’s website.

This amount will be delivered before the Tenant’s entry into the property, through a debit or credit card. The Tenant agrees that the information provided by this, relative to the data of the card, is truthful and in accordance with reality.

In case of cancellation, the Renter must contact Leeways at least 14 days before the arrival date, in order to receive 70% of the reservation. The communication will be made by email to:, indicating the reference of your reservation. Said refund will be made in a maximum of 14 days from the cancellation of the reservation.

8.Assignment and Sublease.

The sublease, total or partial, as well as the assignment of the dwelling by the Renter is strictly prohibited. The breach of this point will be cause for rescission of the contract, the Tenant losing the right to the return of the deposit and may derive from this fact the compensation, by the Renter to Leeways, for possible damages caused.

If the case arises, Leeways will have the right to initiate legal actions against the Tenant, if the facts produced by it contravene any rule or legal and / or contractual provision.


Any work, modification or similar in the real estate, or in the building to which it belongs, is strictly prohibited, and the Tenant must take charge of the possible expenses that derive from returning the property to its initial state.

In spite of not having the consideration of work, it is expressly forbidden to the Tenant the realization of holes or perforations in the walls of the property, discounting of the bail the amount that is necessary so that the walls recover their original state in their case.

10.General expenses.

The Tenant will not be responsible for community expenses or supplies.

11.Entry and exit of the property.

Leeways will deliver the keys of the property to the Renter on the day selected by it as “Date of entry”.

In the event that the delivery of keys to the Lessee takes place outside of Leeways office hours (10-20: 00h), the following will be charged:

  • € 20 (VAT included) from 8:30 p.m. at 22:30 h.
  • € 30 (VAT included) from 10:30 pm. at 24:00 h.
  • € 40 (VAT included) from 24:00 h. at 09:00 h.

The Lessee must deposit the keys within the property subject to the lease on the date of termination of this contract.

The abandonment or lack of occupation of the house will not give rise to any compensation.


The Lessee, in case of making the delivery of keys later than agreed, shall be responsible for all costs arising from the provision of the keys to Leeways, and may retain the bond until such time.

In the cases in which the Tenant loses the keys / access code, he must compensate Leeways with a sufficient amount to cover the copy of the lost set of keys, plus a penalty of € 20 (VAT included).

13.Rules of coexistence.

The Tenant must have an ethical and legal behavior; and will be submitted during the entire term of the contract to the rules of the community of owners, especially those relating to coexistence.

They are expressly prohibited:

  • The stay of any type of animal in the property.
  • The celebration of parties.
  • Smoking inside the property.

Likewise, the Tenant undertakes to respect the provisions included in the Municipal Ordinance of Protection against Acoustic and Thermal Pollution of the Community of Madrid (OPACFE).

14.Security deposit.

As a result of the reservation of the property, the Renter makes delivery to Leeways, as a deposit of € 300.

The balance of the deposit will be returned in full to the Lessee at the end of the lease, provided that it has respected all the obligations derived from this contract and, both the home and its accessories, have not suffered any damage or damage.

15.Breach of obligations.

The breach by any of the parties of the obligations resulting from the contract will entitle the party that has complied with its obligations to demand compliance with the obligation or to promote the termination of the contract.

In addition, Leeways may terminate the contractual relationship as a matter of law for the causes established in article 1,569 of the Civil Code.

16.Personal information.

The Lessee, by accepting the Terms, gives his express consent for the personal data provided to Leeways to be treated by the latter, being entered in a private file of the company.

These data are collected by Leeways in order to track and control the tenants who stay in the homes managed by the company, as well as to comply with their obligations within the Spanish legislative framework. The data may be processed with the purpose of carrying out the verification and control and inspection activities that, where appropriate, may be carried out by the competent Authorities.

The data will be processed and protected according to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, concerning the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and free movement of these data (General Data Protection Regulation – RGPD); and by Royal Decree1720 / 2007, of December 21, which approves the Regulations for the development of the Organic Law 15/1999 (in force in those articles that do not contradict the RGPD).

The Lessee gives his consent so that the personal information can be shared with the owners of the rented homes, because of the exploitation activity that the company carries out and with the purpose of transmitting a faithful and truthful image of the exploitation of its property. This may include information such as name, contact information, payment information, identity documents …

The Renter may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, deletion, portability, limitation or opposition, by going to the office that Leeways has in Madrid, at Calle Barco nº 27, local 2; or through an email to

17.Jurisdiction and applicable law.

The application of Law 29/1994 of Urban Leases to the present tenancy relationship is expressly excluded, by disposition of the letter “e” of article 5 of said Law, for which reason the present contract will be regulated by the norms contained therein and, in the non-agreed by the parties, by the rules of the Civil Code.

The contracting parties expressly submit themselves to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid, for all litigious issues that may arise from it, waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond.


Last update 08/27/2018